FDB System – HydroCord


In a major Statkraft initiated development project, finally coined HydroCord, FDB served as the main supplier of programming and hardware solutions. The overall scope of HydroCord being condition monitoring of the water conduits of hydropower, but the real novelty being a focus on real-time and continuous monitoring of the unit’s efficiency. This focus allows for further economic optimization for the operator of the units.

HydroCord uses a distributed data acquisition approach, and gathers date from intake to outlet of the water conduits that defines the flow of water associated power generation. The prototype installation at Trollheim consists of five independent data acquisition and analysis units, while one unit takes the role of collecting all inputs, safely storing data and communicating analysis results to external receivers. The prototype installation also stand out since it includes three independent measures of efficiency: Volumetric flow rate by the ultrasonic method, volumetric flow rate by calibrated differential pressure (Winter Kennedy) and the continuous thermodynamic efficiency measurement. In addition, the flow conduit monitoring include observation of total head loss, and transient performance. For HydroCord installations FDB delivers complete programming solutions, and engineer hardware deliveries.

For HydroCord enquiries, please contact Erik J. Wiborg at Statkraft.