Services – CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) uses numerical models combined with high performance computers to solve the governing equations for fluid flow and heat transfer. FDB uses CFD successfully in a wide variety of industries.

The reason for applying Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) typically originates from one or more needs such as:

  1. Need for design evaluation, optimization and improvements.
  2. Need to substantiate the design, and provide visualizationM i.e. a qualitative study.
  3. Need to verify performance for conditions not possible to achieve or meet during prototype testing.
  4. Need to document prototype or design performance; e.g. regulatory requirements.
  5. Trouble shooting of experienced prototype performance, s.a. performance affected by interfaces between different suppliers.

FDB usually assist in early design phases (1-2), but also in the late stages of prototype life (5). When assisting with CFD, FDB usually develops a comprehensive set of analytical tools that goes alongside the numerical results. This way our clients may extrapolate and interpret our findings themselves.

Over the years the more noteworthy contributions include advanced cavitation modelling, marine equipment performance and heat transfer studies for O&G applications.

FDB uses state-of-the-art numerical tools from Ansys and Mentor Graphics (Flowmaster).