Services – Consultancy Services

Given the education level and experience by FDBs employees together with knowledge of state-of-the-art engineering tools, FDB offer engineering consultancy for a number of industrial sectors: Infrastructure, maritime, energy, oil and gas and more.


Our typical expertise applies on:

  • LabVIEW programming. HMI for any type instrument and control application, and customized test-stands, control and DAQ solutions
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)3D flow and heat transfer analysis : Steady state and transient, the latter including effects during start-up and shut down of components and systems. Single phase, multiphase and free surface flows. Rotating and moving equipment, such as pumps and hydraulic equipment.
  • Dynamic modeling of mechanical systems, also when interacting with hydraulic/fluid power systems.
  • Acquisition and management of huge data sets, and analysis and presentation of the same.


Partner collaboration

FDB and EnginSoft Nordic has agreed to collaborate in the Norway. EnginSoft Nordic focuses on computer assisted engineering, and optimization. Together with EnginSoft FDB can offer:

Multidisciplinary approaches; e.g by combining CFD with structural and electromagnetic analysis.

Software for optimizing a design or a process based on objectives, design parameters and constraints using the software modeFRONTIER.


FDB Consultancy 01

Dr. Jarle Ekanger explains the cavitation detection setup at site.