Services – Certified LabVIEW Expertice


Already at the very start of FDB, the software LabVIEW from National Instrument (NI) played a major role. Not only for data-acquisition and controls, but also for batch processing of results generated using our CFD tools. Around 2010 a shift in our approach occurred when we started to install our LabVIEW/ NI solutions and products as integrated parts in process systems. In order to continue deliver high quality and robust solutions, our already experienced personnel started the formal certification program offered by NI. Håkon Francke holds the highest-level certification, the Certified LavVIEW Architect (CLA). Per date Francke is the only LabVIEW programmer in Norway at this level. FDBs focus on formalizing competencies constituted a major part in FDB becoming a partner in NI’s alliance program. Through this program, FDB acts as a domain expert for the Energy/ Hydropower businesses.

FDB applies our expertise by developing our own line of products and solutions, but also by assisting external clients with their data acquisition, control and analysis needs.